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All of our lax equipment has been tested and reviewed by experienced professionals so you know what you are getting before you buy it!

Brine F15 - Shaft:

Strength: It is a very strong and light shaft that is nearly impossible to bend.

Durability: This shaft can go through anything and is extremely durable.

Style: It has a classic shiny shaft and looks great in all of its factory colors. Another plus is that It doesn't scratch very easily.

Grip: The grip is fairly slick and the grip never begins to fall off of the shaft.

Lax Bro Rating: 9.2 out of 10!

Brine Swizzle Scandium - Shaft:

Strength: Nice, strong, and light shaft. 

Durability: The shaft is extremely durable in both its defense and attack/middle versions. The long pole can bend after a good check.

Style: The design is very good looking in all of its many colors with its signature "v" shaped grips.

Grip: The grip is great, not too sticky, but after using it for a while, the grip could start to fade.

Lax Bro Rating: 8.6 out of 10!

Warrior Kryptolite - Shaft:

Strength: The aluminum shaft is strong.

Durability: Fairly durable, but can dent easily.

Style: Very minimal graphics and comes in various colors and grips.

Grip: The smooth aluminum shaft offers no grip, but allows your hand to slide up and down the shaft easily. Also comes in a diamond grip.

Lax Bro Rating: 7 out of 10!

Brine Verdict - Head:

Strength: The head is forgiving and has a soft feel. This is the perfect head for an all-around player!

Durability: The head is very strong and is very unlikely to snap.

Style: It is a Every nice design with a lot of different styles to string it. It looks great in all of its factory-died colors!

Feel: No matter what kind of pocket you like, the ball stays very secure!

Lax Bro Rating: 9.2 out of 10!

STX Superpower - Head:

Strength: It is pretty flexible. I would not recommend this head to a face-off specialist.

Durability: It is fairly durable, but can have the tendency to snap.

Style: Very sleek design similar to the Proton power. It comes in many different factory-died colors.

Feel: Depends on what kind of pocket you have. The ball generally fells secure in the pocket.

Lax Bro Rating: 7.8 out of 10!

Brine Cyber Pro - Head:

Strength: This head is extremely stiff and is perfect for any defenceman!

Durability: This head is incredibly durable and weatherproof. The odds of this Head snapping is almost none!

Style: This is the newer and better version of the Brine Cyber. It looks great in all of its factory-died colors.

Feel: The ball feels very stable in the pocket and comes very clean out of the pocket when you through the ball.

Lax Bro Rating: 9.6 out of 10!

Brine Edge X - Head:

Strength: This head is very stiff and is perfect for any defenceman. An attack or middie might want to try this head if they prefer a wider-sized head.

Durability: This head is the definition of a weather-proof head. It is almost indestructible and will rarely snap.

Style: STX did a great head to add to any lacrosse player's swag.

Feel: The ball is most stable in this head with a middle pocket. A high or low pocket would be fine if you prefer a more mobile ball in your stick.

Lax Bro Rating: 9.7 out of 10!

Brine King II - Elbow Pad:

Strength: The elbow pad is very strong and tough. 

Durability: You can count on this elbow pad. It is made of durable material and you can't even feel a slash to the arm with it on!

Style: The arm pads stretch from about your mid forearm area to your lower bicep. They are extremely comfortable and look great in all of their many color options.

Feel: The pads slide onto your arms easily, and are very comfortable on the inside while they are very tough and strong on the outside. Also, they move around with your elbows freely.

Lax Bro Rating: 9.7 out of 10!

Brine King II - Glove:

Strength: Very tough and offers great protection.

Durability: The materials are very tough and will last you many seasons.

Style: The pinstripe design, gold accents, and signature "King" logo combine to create a sweet look worthy enough for any Lax Bro.

Feel: The gloves feel great on your hands and feel broken in right off the shelf.

Lax Bro Rating: 10 out of 10!

Nike Huarache - Cleats

Support: These cleats are very supportive of your feet.

Durability: They are weatherproof and can go through anything that gets in their way.

Style: Their many different colors and interchangeable Nike-Swoosh color pieces make the cleats very sleek and stylish.

Comfort: The cleats are very comfortable and form to your foot very nicely.

Lax Bro Rating: 9.7 out of 10!

Warrior 4.0 Degree Burn - Cleats

Support: These cleats offer a lot of support.

Durability: They can be worn in any weather and conditions and seem like they haven't even been worn.

Style: Although these cleats don't have a lot of designs, they offer just enough swag to be a lax bro.

Comfort: These cleats offer maximum comfort, but the longer you have them, the more they break down.

Lax Bro Rating: 7.5 out of 10!

STX Surgeon - Head

Strength: This head is Every strong and stiff, it is a great defenseman head! 

Durability: This head is extremely durable and can go through anything!

Style: This head has a perfect style for any ultimate lax bro!

Feel: The ball goes in and out of this head extremely smooth!

Lax Bro Rating: 10 out of 10!

Cascade CPX-R - Helmet

Strength: This product is one of the strongest made helmets ever. It will virtually never crack, deform, or break!

Durability: This helmet is as tough as a rock and is great for a high school or college player who gets knocked around on the field.​

Style: A very good looking product that can be customized in various ways.

Comfort: This helmet is as light as a feather, you barely know that it is on you head.

Lax Bro Rating: 10 out of 10!

Brine Triumph - Helmet:

Strength: Can resist any kind of hit.

Durability: Never deforms and can sustain any kind of weather. The rear adjustment knob can get stuck over time, but this is a rare occurance.

Style: A very sleek and good looking helmet that comes in various factory colors

Comfort: Extremely light and comfortable.

Lax Bro Rating: 9 out of 10!

Warrior MPG 8.0 - Shoulder Pad

Strength: If you are ever being hacked, there is nothing to worry about because these are some of the strongest shoulder pads ever!

Durability: These shoulder pads can be used for years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Style: The MPG 8.0's have some cool designs on them that only add to their swag.

Comfort: These shoulder pads are so comfortable and you can barely feel that you are wearing them! 

Lax Bro Rating: 10 out of 10!

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